Taoism, Ego Death, and Ayahuasca

Taoists believe that the experience of ego death is evil.

Bliss, love, divine experiences, and visions of angels are carrier waves for sinister psychological forces.

Classic texts like The Philokalia,  The Way of the Bodhisattva, and the current understanding of the Tao Te Ching, all the way to modern books like Shaking Medicine and The Power of Now celebrate ego death but none of these books deliver the actual experience.

Ayahuasca does.

As you read this, Americans are chugging ayahuasca and reporting their experiences on youtube!

Now we can investigate the actual experience of ego death and not the sanitized version discussed by Eckhart Tolle, Bradford Keeney, and other spiritual writers.

Take the example from the video I have posted below… Taylor Marie is an attractive 20 something all American woman who is essentially advocating associating with oozing demons, little dead girls, hellish imagery, and terrifying emotions in order to experience the release and enlightenment of ego death.

This is The Philokalia all over again…  It’s almost verbatim!

Taoism would agree that demons are part of the ego death process but would disagree that it is a good thing.  Taoist theory believes that she is simply an upscale drug addict who believes that a short term high translates into long term physical and mental health.

It doesn’t.

You get the feeling that she is addicted when she gently encourages people to keep taking ayahuasca despite the demon attacks… they will get to the bliss and angels… just work through it.

Exactly what they said to me in my shamanism support group!

She starts discussing seeing the dead little girls at 9:00.



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